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New FCC tool shows how broadband access impacts health

By giving the public a tool to compare health disparities with an area's broadband availability, the FCC wants to illustrate the impacts tech can have on well-being.

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FCC votes to streamline process for operators to transition from TDM to IP services

During its monthly open meeting, the five-member FCC commission today unanimously voted to approve rules the agency said would allow operators to more quickly and easily transition from legacy network technology known as time-division multiplexing or TDM to IP-based services.

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Deciphering the future of Cincinnati Bell

Debt is down, subscribers are up and profitability is steady at Cincinnati Bell. As Cincinnati Bell moves further away from its Broadwingera past, investors are more prone to discuss something they haven’t before: the company’s future.

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Harvesting data: Farmers go digital

As Wisconsin farmers plant crops this spring, perched in the cabs of big tractors rolling through their fields, the words “capturing data” probably wouldn’t be used to describe the bucolic scene. Yet increasingly, that is what’s happening as farmers monitor in real time the planting and harvesting of their crops—capturing data that is analyzed for the purpose of boosting production and profits. Modern agriculture, like other industries, is plugged into the world of big data. Moreover, some farmers are capitalizing on the information gleaned from their fields by selling it to agribusinesses such as seed and chemical companies.

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